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This song always gets stuck in my head, so I’m giving it to you guys :P ahah

lovelove Salman’s voice

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@arjunk26: Boss who poses better ? Me or her ?

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Hiya my name is mokshada and well I'm new, could u plz check out my plz😊. Btw loving ur blog

Hey another bollywood lover on tumblr! woohoo :D


welcome to tumblr love. you’re gonna love it

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Does varun have a real tattoo? And which ones because I know tht he had one 0n his lower arm but I couldn't see it in some movies then he has the big "rock" like one. So are they real!????

lol I’ve been wondering the same

I’m not sure about the one on his lower arm cuz sometimes you can see it and sometimes not. Either they cover it up for shoots and stuff or it was temporary because you can’t even see it in interviews. But the tattoo he had in Humpty Sharma I think was just for the song. Personally I think it looked really good on him though and he should consider getting a tattoo there :P 


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Barso Re
Shreya Ghoshal, Uday Mazumdar - Guru


Barso Re, Guru

Shreya Ghoshal, Uday Mazumdar

Welcome Monsoon :)

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How to Propose to a Girl: A Tutorial by Akshay Kumar

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